Whisky Tasting

We have carefully put together a selection of over 100 different Malt Whiskies for your enjoyment. Some of these wonderful malts are unique such as Benromach Organic - the only 100% Organic Certified Malt Whisky available, or because they are "Lost Distilleries" in they no longer exist - such as Millburn, Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn. We also have expressions not usually seen such as Aberlour 12 Year old. We also have our local Distilleries represented - Edradour (Scotland's Smallest Distillery), Blair Athol and Aberfeldy. As well as other near at hand Distilleries you may pass on your journey such as Dalwhinnie, Tomatin and Tullibardine. The range features malts of contrast from the rich fruitiness of Longmorn 1971 to the smoke, peat and iodine of Caol Ha. There is something for all palates, occasions and mood.


Blair Athol 12 Year old

A rich "fruit cake" whisky with spice, lemon and slight smoke to balance out the weightier elements. Silky smooth and well balanced.

Blair Athol Connoisseurs Choice

Founded in the late 1790s - not at Blair Atholl, but 10 miles south - at Pitlochry. Closed in 1932, it was bought by blenders Arthur Bell and rebuilt in 1949. Today it operates two pairs of stills which produce a sweet, aromatic whisky with malty overtones.

Edradour 10 Year old

The Edradour distillery was founded in 1825. Besides being Scotland's smallest distillery, many claim it to be the prettiest. Slightly sweet, malty, sherry and clean. Finish is mellow, warm with some spice.

Edradour Wood finish

Initially matured in ex bourbon casks for 10 years, the whisky was then finished in a Chateau Roubine red wine cask. The typical influence of bourbon maturation showing vanilla and toffee notes has been supplemented by the subtle introduction of red berries and spices, to provide a gentle explosion on the palate, and results in a warming finish.


Aberlour 10 Year old

A classic Speyside single malt, matured in a combination of bourbon and

sherry casks. Welcoming, vibrant and rewarding.

Aberlour 12 Year old

A classic Speyside single malt but an age expression not usually seen in the UK. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks. Welcoming, vibrant and rewarding. A rich mellow palate with soft dried fruit flavours.

Balvenie 12 Year old Double Wood

Balvenie Distillery is located in Dufftown, Speyside. A 12 Year old Speyside malt Scotch whisky matured in bourbon casks, then sweet Oloroso casks. The result is a rich, mellow flavour of great depth and unusual complexity.

Balvenie 15 Year old Single Barrel

Balvenie Distillery is located in Dufftown, Speyside. Each cask forms a limited edition of hand-numbered bottles - there will be a maximum of 350 bottles from any one cask so each bottle is unique and unrepeatable.

Benromach Organic

Produced using the finest organic ingredients and matured in virgin American oak casks. The entire production process has been certified by the UK's largest organic certification body, The Soil Association. The resultant whisky is rich and fruity with sweet, resinous flavours.

Benromach Peat Smoke

At Benromach small batches of whisky have been produced using the finest malted barley dried using high levels of peat smoke. Benromach Peat Smoke is a full-bodied whisky, complex with a seriously smoky character, yet balanced with the fruity elegance of Speyside.

Benromach Traditional

From the smallest working distillery on Speyside, this Benromach is golden in

colour with a flowery nose, light yet firm on the palate with a long finish.

Cardhu 12 Year old

Cardhu, which means 'black rock', is situated very much in the heart of Speyside. The distillery was first licensed in 1824. Smooth on the palate, light to medium, mellow flavour. Some sweetness & peat. Finish is long, lingering and sweet.

Cragganmore 12 Year old

Cragganmore Distillery, on the banks of the river Spey, is home to one of the most complex and characterful malt whiskies of the Speyside region. Complex, mature and well balanced with a slight fruitiness on the tongue, overlaid with sweet smoky notes.

Craigellachie Connoisseurs Choice

One of the original components of White Horse blends, the distillery is now owned by Dewar's. A lighter Speyside with floral, earthy notes.

Glen Moray (No Age Statement)

Located in Elgin, the whisky capital of Speyside, this is a light to medium bodied malt with soft fruity notes with soft toffee and malt aromas.

Glenfarclas 10 Year old

A truly stand alone distillery and one of the best known to connoisseurs. Situated about a mile from the river Spey, with the largest stills on Speyside. Straw gold, delicately light, sweet and malty, leaving a long slightly spicy finish.

Glenfarclas 105

Still in family hands since it was founded, the Glenfarclas Distillery is one of Speyside's independent whisky producers. A rich gold-amber with a luscious, unctuous oily oak character delicately peated leaving cherry sweet finish.

Glenfiddich 12 Year old

A full and fruity nose, with delicate honey and vanilla notes. Smooth and

soft palate rich in fruits, spices and some oaky notes. Long enjoyable fruity finish.

Glenfiddich 15 Year old Solera Reserve

Located in Dufftown, Glenfiddich is one of the Worlds best known single malts. The 15yo uses the solera system of sherry casks during maturation. There is a soft fruitiness with subtle hints of spice. It feels like a big whisky while actually delivering a delicate balance of flavours. A long & complex finish - one of the best examples in the Glenfiddich range.

Glenlivet 12 Year old

Nose of cooked apples with cinnamon. Palate is balanced with some spicy notes coming through. Rich in cinnamon and vanilla with a dry finish.

Glenrothes Select Reserve

The Glenrothes Distillery sits beside the Burn of Rothes in the heart of Speyside. Laden with ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla, and a hint of spice - this savouring, fresh single malt is characteristically complex with a deliciously creamy texture on the palate.

Glenrothes 1969 MacPhails Collection

Founded in 1878 and situated within the picturesque Spey valley, in the town of Rothes. Reminiscent of Christmas cake - rich fruits with some fresh orange peel notes and a hint of chocolate. Mouth warming, some peppery influences, fresh lemon zest and creamy.

Glentauchers 1991 MacPhails Collection

Situated on the eastern edge of Speyside, this distillery was founded in 1898 by James Buchanan, famous for Black & White blend. The style is medium bodied with a sweet, smoky, buttery palate.

Knockando 12 Year old

Knockando takes its name from the Gaelic "cnoc an dhu" which means little black hillock. Light and nutty with a touch of milk chocolate in the mid-palate. Soft, easy and ultra-clean. Simple, attractive and easy-drinking.

Link wood 15 Year old

Mute swans and other migrating birds use the cooling water reservoir as a temporary home in the well-kept grounds of Linkwood Distillery, on the outskirts of Elgin. The style is mid to full bodied, fruity and fragrant, with honeysuckle being noted.

Longmorn 1971

Longmorn distillery is found between Glen of Rothes and Elgin. The name means" place of the holy man" in Gaelic. Enticing in its rich amber colour. Sherry and fruit aromas - stewed rhubarb with a slight hint of charred wood. Fruity with a delicate sweetness. A nutty element also present. A truly classic Speysider.

Macallan 10 Year old

There has probably been whisky made on the Macallan site, on a small hill overlooking the Spey near Craigellachie, since the late 1700s. Using very small stills the Macallan produces a rich malt aged in sherry casks. Full in body with a satisfying finish and a hint of smoke.

Macallan 18 Year old

An iconic whisky. Extremely rich yet smooth and very well rounded. Harnessing the flavours from the wood and the Sherry in its full body.

Macallan Fine Oak 10 Year old

Macallan is famous for maturing in Oloroso sherry casks, but recently released a Fine Oak range, which includes Macallan matured in American Oak casks. Complex, with hints of fruit and heather honey. On the palate it is soft, with a maltiness balanced with oak and fruit.

Miltonduff 10 Year old

Close to Pluscarden Priory, which is still used by Benedictine monks, this distillery was modernised in the 1970s and produces well respected malt for Allied blends. Fragrant with a slight vanilla edge, then slightly smoky and nutty.

Mortlach 15 Year old

"All the pleasures of a good Speyside single malt are to be found in Mortlach" - Michael Jackson. G&M have filled sherry casks with new make Mortlach since long before World War Two.

Speyburn 10 Year old

Nestling in a deep valley on the outskirts of Rothes in Speyside. Fresh, clean & aromatic with a rich lemony fruitiness. Medium bodied with a delicate, fruity character and a dry, warm, peaty finish.

Speymalt from the Macallan Distillery 1972

Orange brown in colour. The nose has rich fruit cake aromas with a slight nuttiness and subtle sherry notes. A smokiness develops on the palate and continues in the finish.

Strathisla 1987

A charming distillery on the outskirts of Keith, Strathisla was originally known as Milton, and has been distilling since at least 1796. The well known "heart of Chivas Regal", this malt is medium bodied, with a complex palate of honey, sherry and spices.

Tamdhu (No age statement)

Built in 1897 in the heart of Speyside, the distillery does not have the traditional Pagoda heads, but a short chimney instead. It is one of 5 distilleries still to have it's own maltings and it retains the old Saladin boxes. A light, smoky and well balanced drink with a lasting flavour of a toasty sweetness & a touch of spice.


Aberfeldy Connoisseurs Choice 1989 - Local Distillery

Local and worth a visit! Spicy and herbal on the nose, developing into sweet and sour fruity mix. Add some water to feel its true smoky character.

Aberfeldy 12 Year old - Local Distillery

HIGHLAND - Local and worth a visit. Lovers of Dewars may recognise this as its signature malt. Medium body with a heathery and light peaty nose.

Balblair 1997

Amber in appearance with rose-golden highlights. Full-bodied malt, fused with aromas of pineapple, apricot & lemon to create a long-lasting sweet finish. Hints of oak, spice & raisin combine with vanilla to create a creamy, smooth finish on the palate.

Ballechin - from one of our Local Distilleries

From the Edradour Distillery founded in 1837. Firm peatiness and smoke, some fruit via the influence of the Madeira cask. An interesting malt that actually works.

Ben Nevis 10 Year old

Immediate deep pakiness offers enormous substance from the off. Typically mouth filling with an almost rum-like rich estery quality which guarantees a big, fattish mouth feel.

Clynelish 14 Year old

This distillery can be found by Brora in the Northern Highlands. The texture of this dram is superb. Velvety and sweet on the palate with notes of tropical and citrus fruits. On the nose there is a touch of wax and smoke that hang around on the finish.

Dalmore 12 Year old

Pure, clean water taken from the local River Alness is used to create The Dalmore in the time-honoured way. A malt arousing with fruit (orange marmalade), malt and sherry and a remarkably long finish.

Dalwhinnie 15 Year old

Dalwhinnie is the Gaelic for 'meeting place' and is the highest distillery in Scotland. Smooth, yellow, subtle with a heathery honey taste and just a hint of smoke.

Deanston 12 Year old

The distillery is located by Doune near Dunblane. Breathe deep into the fresh, floral, citrus fruit aroma laden with a honeycomb maltiness. Delve into the layers of barley sugar, creamy toffee and orange with hints of ginger. Enjoy its long, balanced finale as the spiced honey flavours dance on the tongue.

Fettercairn 12 Year old

On the palate it has a peppery spiciness - Liquorice. Almost a chocolaty sweetness. With water it is grassy with a hint of cedar. Light to medium body with a dry finish with a hint of oak.

Glen Albyn 1975

One of the three Distilleries that once graced Inverness. The Distillery was lost for good in 1983 when it was closed and demolished. Tasting this malt is equivalent to drinking liquid history - like a rare antique! Rich with fresh fruit and peat smoke aromas. Birchwood with floral traces on the palate. Try it now before it is lost for good.

Glen Deveron 10 Year old

The whisky is named after the water source, the River Deveron, whereas the distillery is known as 'Macduff. The colour is gold, the nose, simple, is marked by the malt sweetness. The palate is light, but full, just like the nose. The finish is dryer, and not too long.

Glen Garioch 15 Year old

The first bottling since the re-opening of the distillery in 1997 after a re¬furbishment. This won the under 12 Mainland (non-Speyside) Single Malt award in the World Whisky Awards 2007.

Glen Mhor 1965

No longer in existence, since demolition in 1986, this Inverness malt is becoming increasingly rare. It sat on the banks of the Caledonian Canal adjacent to Glen Albyn. Floral with hints of polished wood, sherry flavours and a drying smokiness appear on the palate.

Glen Mhor 1980

No longer in existence, since demolition in 1986, this Inverness malt is becoming increasingly rare. Complex and rich in body with a slightly smoky and aromatic palate. Named after the Great Glen that flowed west to Fort William. Golden in colour. Sherried & dried fruits - figs & dates. Hint of cereal, malty aromas. Full - oily & smoky, herbal with floral notes. A sweet, rounding fruitiness - sherry & ripe fruits.

Glen Ord 12 Year old - Get it while you can!

Located in Easter Ross not too far from Dingwall lies Glen Ord. The 12 Year old is the last of the younger expressions available in the UK. Now the younger ones are produced under the Singleton Range for the Far East markets. A Malt of good balance and a rich texture.

Glencadam 15 Year old

Located in the East of Scotland this distillery malt has chocolate and berry fruit notes. A wonderful sipping dram.

Glendronach 12 Year old

Located East of the Speyside Region in Aberdeenshire. The distillery has recently changed hands. The 12yo is double matured. It has a rich body of ripe plummy fruit, demerara sugar and fruitcake. Hints of toffee linger along with slight traces of smoke. There is a hint of spice on the finish.

Glenmorangie 10 Year old

Glenmorangie Distillery is in Tain, Ross-shire producing the number one selling malt whisky in Scotland. Smooth and delicate with appealing honey and citrus flavours. Well balanced with a subtle smokiness giving a fresh aromatic and refined taste.

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

A caress of silk velvet on the tongue gives way to a swathe of rich, dark chocolate-enrobed walnuts leaving in their wake the lemony-rose jelly texture of Turkish delight. Finally, lingering memories of dark minty chocolate with the effervescence of orange provide a satisfying finish.

Glengoyne l0 Year old

Situated only 12 miles from Glasgow this picturesque distillery produces an unpeated Malt of differing vintages. Voted the "Best of the Best" by The Whisky Magazine. Deep rich flavours with a hint of apple. Long and alluring finish.

Glenturret 10 Year old

From the oldest distillery in Scotland, this malt delivers a smooth dry finish with a nutty and apple taste. Besides this bottling of the single malt in the pure form, Glenturret whisky is used in the blending of Famous Grouse.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond distillery is situated in the village of Alexandria beside the river Leven at the southernmost tip of Loch Lomond. Sweet, smoky, with hints of finest Madeira wine. Has a long, mellow finish, with echoes of a raisiny xmas pudding.

Millburn 1978

Located on the eastern edge of Inverness, this distillery has also been lost. Today the Chimney is still present but the remaining buildings form part of a travel hotel complex. From refill sherry casks, the whisky has a dry, spicy character with hints of aniseed and black pepper. Subtle floral and fruit notes also present.

Oban 14 Year old

Situated in Oban, West Highlands, Oban is also known as the 'Gateway to the Isles'. Rich, elegant and glowing with sea air notes and an underlying rich fruitiness.

Old Pulteney 12 Year old

Established in 1826 in Wick, Pulteney Distillery is the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland. Deep yellow in colour with a dry yet peaty nose delivering a soothing, oily and salty finish.

Royal Lochnagar 12 Year old

The distillery lies on the banks of the river Dee. One and a half miles from Balmoral, the whisky received the royal seal from Queen Victoria. Lightly smoky.

Tomatin 12 Year old

Situated between Aviemore & Inverness. Easily accessible & yet with a sense of isolation which adds to the character of Tomatin. Complex bouquet with a rich malty & fruity aroma. A wonderfully rich and elegant taste producing a long and satisfying finish.

Tullibardine 1993 Built in 1949, Tullibardine is situated in the small village of Blackford at the foot of the Ochil Hills. The whisky has a light, "Lowland" style with malty, floral notes.


Auchentoshan 12 Year old

A gold honey colour with a creme Brule, citrus and nutty, green leaf note. Smooth and sweet with hints of citrus on the palate.

Glenkinchie 12 Year old

Located by Prestonpans, South of Edinburgh, in East Lothian. This malt is called a Lowlander wearing a kilt due to its fuller body and richer flavours.

Inverleven 1991

Founded in 1938, as part of the Dumbarton Distillery complex, two stills produce Inverleven Malt Scotch Whisky. Once described as 'a Lowlander wearing a kilt', this malt has a lig ht, floral, fragrant nose with a sweet, nutty palate.

Rosebank 1991 Connoisseurs Choice

Situated on the Clyde/Forth canal at Falkirk, the distillery was one to retain the triple distillation process. The whisky has hints of rosewater notes and a touch of spicy, oak iness. The distillery was mothballed in 1993.


Springbank 10 Year old

The nose suggests a wide range of aromas, from citrus fruits to pears and a hint of peat, the palate excites even further with a touch of smoke, vanilla essence, nutmeg, cinnamon and the salty tang we have come to expect from Springbank. An iconic dram!


Arran 10 Year old

One of the newest distilleries in Scotland, the Island of Arran is off the West Coast. Creamy and leafy with a nose of fresh peat smoke.

Arran Connoisseurs Choice 1998

Arran is often referred to as 'Scotland in Miniature', the Isle of Arran at one time was home to more than 50 whisky distilleries. Founded in 1995, Arran Distillery is situated at Lochranza, the most northerly sited of all the island's villages. There is a soft fresh taste to this malt. Citrus notes on the palate mix with gentle malti tones. An elegant clean finish.

Highland Park 12 Year old

The best known of the two Orkney Distilleries. Honey sweetness followed by fruit - maybe pineapple, apple or pear. On the palate it is drying and leaves a gentle smoky feeling and a flavour that just keeps on going. Once called the "greatest all-rounder" by award winning whisky journalist, the late Michael Jackson.

Highland Park 18 Year old

Voted the best Spirit in the World in 2007. The distillery is based in Kirkwall and is one of the 5 distilleries in Scotland that still does its own Malting. The characteristic Honey sweetness is supported with traces of vanilla that layers the rich ripe fruity body. Oranges, baked apples a hint of Apricot. On the palate it is silky, mellow with a slight drying texture. The smokiness is perfectly in balance and compliments the other flavours beautifully. This dram keeps on giving with a long and rewarding finish.

Isle of Jura 10 Year old

Jura was founded at Craighouse in 1810, the island's only village. The machinery and buildings were owned by different individuals, and a dispute between two led to its closure for over fifty years. A malt with a little peatiness and cereal notes.

Ledaig Connoisseurs Choice 1990

The distillery changed its name toTobermory Distillery in the 1970s. It occupies the ground beside the Ledaig burn. Floral with sweet, malty aromas. Toasted, nutty flavours, sesame seeds and liquorice sticks. Assertive with peaty influence.

Scapa 16 Year old

One of only two distilleries on Orkney, this malt shows more characteristics of its wind-blown home than its more mellow neighbour, Highland Park. A nose of spicy cloves and cardamom and a slightly peppery palate this is an ideal aperitif.

Scapa 1993

One of only two distilleries on Orkney, this malt is ynpeated yet has traces of peat. This comes from the water source - the Lingro Burn that meanders through the peat moorland. With a floral nose, dry grass and leafy aromas. Hints of citrus fruits and a spicy, cedar wood edge.

Talisker 10 Year old

The Cuillins are the dramatic hills of Skye, the home of Talisker. The distillery is on the exposed west coast, on the seaweedy shores of Loch Harport. Powerful, sweet and robust. Maritime on the nose - sweet, spicy undertones on the tongue.

Tobermory 10 Year old

From the Island of Mull, this malt is also known as Ledaig or safe haven in Gaelic. Light to medium body with a faint peat taste on the palate.


Ardbeg 10 Year Old

The distillery can trace it's history to 1794. This classic Islay Malt has a smoky nose with iodine running through it. One the most peaty of the islands malts.

Ardbeg Uigeadail

The Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2009. To Quote Jim "Quite simply: perfect". It is wonderfully complex. Drying smokiness, Caramel, a suggestion of sherry, peat, coffee and fruit. Controlled power.

Bowmore 12 Year old

The distillery dates back to 1798. The whisky has a fresh clean nose and a light body with a smooth finish. Towards the other end of the spectrum from Ardbeg. Bowmore delivers with a little more subtlety.

Bowmore 15 Year old Darkest

Teak in colour. Dark chocolate, raisins and sweet figs are bound together with that distinctive Bowmore smokiness to create a warm and delicious palate full of rich fruit cake flavours with a slight salty spiciness.

Bruichladdich Waves

A former Whisky Distiller of the year winner. This is a whisky produced by the relatively new owners. It is a malt full of character, sweet youthfulness with some spicy notes with hints of pear drops. There is a saltiness present and hints of smoke.

Bunnahabhain 12 Year old

Built in 1881 in an almost desolate area of Islay, the village of Bunnahabhain grew up to serve the new distillery. It is unusual for an Islay malt to be lightly peated. Gentle, malty, nutty & sometimes salty with an oiliness that blends well into a round soft body.

Bunnahabhain 18 Year old

Very elegant and aromatic on the nose with caramel, honey and slightly smoky character. Rich fruity palate brings dried figs, bananas and grapes. Long finish with hazelnuts and dried figs once again.

Caol Ha Connoisseurs Choice 1996

The name - pronounced cull-eela' - is gaelic for 'Sound of Islay'. The distillery is appropriately hidden in a cove near Port Askaig. A well balanced, full-flavoured dram with medicinal, floral, spicy, nutty and smoky notes all present.

Lagavulin 16 Year old

Lagavulin (pronounced Lagga-voolin) is home to the definitive Islay malt whisky. Peated malt, slow distillation and long maturation together ensure Lagavulin develops a complex, rich, peaty character.

Laphroaig 10 Year old

From the remote island of Islay in the Western Isles of Scotland. Laphroaig s pronounced "La-froyg" Full golden in colour with a phenolic, seaweedy, peaty nose. Rich and smoky, full peated with a hint of sweetness. salty finish.

Laphroaig 18 Year old

From the remote island of Islay in the Western Isles of Scotland. Pale amber in colour with a medium to full body, with an explosion of burning peat on the palate and a warming finish.


Monkey Shoulder

Sweet, flowery, light spice and leathery on the nose, with good balance between vanilla, sultana like fruits and melted chocolate on the finish. Staff Recommendations.